Dear Editor, 

On May 11, Matthew McConaughey delivered a PSA reminding us that COVID-19 is not about politics. The award-winning actor felt that America’s unity against the virus has been “hijacked by partisan politics”. I fully agree. During World War II, Americans were buying government bonds and planting victory gardens to support the country. We were working together. Our country is in war mode now, against an unseen enemy, yet we are divided by politics.

Our division may have led us to miss the real threat: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In late December Chinese officials were silencing frontline medical doctors and arresting citizen journalists who were trying to expose the outbreak. In January, they were withholding information about human to human transmission while hoarding personal protective equipment globally. For weeks, the regime has been working to control the narrative about the outbreak by shifting responsibility to other countries, including the U.S.

Bill Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, recently told NPR that he fully expects that China is trying to steal our COVID-19 vaccine-related research. In a March article appearing in regime mouthpiece “Xinhua”, a threat was made to cut off pharmaceutical exports to the U.S. If the CCP threatens public health during a pandemic, just imagine the potential they would have with a vaccine.

Protecting public health should be our top priority. That should be reason enough for our country to unite against a common adversary, the Chinese Communist Party.

Anne Yang

Fairfax, VA

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