On Feb. 9, Oakcrest School sent three teams to compete at the regional Science Olympiad at Fairfax High School. Students participated in twenty-five different events based on STEM principles, including life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, scientific inquiry, and earth and space science. Oakcrest is the only all-girls school that competes in the state of Virginia.

Oakcrest has two high school teams (one with fourteen students and one with nine) and a middle school team of seven students. For each event at Science Olympiad, two or three students from each Oakcrest team vie with representatives from twenty-five other schools.

Oakcrest School is an independent school for girls in grades 6-12 guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church. For over 40 years, the school has provided an exceptional liberal arts education to girls of all faiths while fulfilling its mission to grow, challenge and inspire its students to thrive in college and throughout their lives. Learn more at Oakcrest.org.

“This year, we have utilized both our allotted club times and Saturday meetings to prepare for the competition with our partners in the labs,” says Oakcrest science teacher Dr. Kat Hussmann. “We are excited to be able to represent Oakcrest for the fourth year at this competition.”

Science Olympiad is a school-based program for students from third grade through their senior year in high school. It offers students the opportunity to improve their understanding in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to work together in teams to learn new skills. Virginia science Olympiad (VASO) is a non-profit organization engaging and challenging students in these disciplines through team-based competitive tournaments in Virginia.

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