Dear Editor,

I am concerned about the “piling on” by elected officials calling for the resignation or impeachment of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.   If a police officer, teacher or other worker had an alleged offense made against them, while an investigation was being done, they’d may be removed from some duties or even placed on leave (paid or unpaid). Unions would be vocal if a member was terminated, voluntarily or involuntarily, for an allegation if they had not confessed to wrong doing and were not charged and found guilty under the law.

Elected officials who are calling for resignation or impeachment are not judge and jury.  Even if they know information that the public doesn’t know, once a person is legally charged with a crime, that person has the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, which comes after an investigation and a trail.  Maybe we should call for the elected officials who are “piling on” to resign or be impeached alleging they are not protecting constitutional rights.

On the surface this issue may be a woman vs. man or black vs. white issue. But the foundation of this is right vs. wrong under our constitutional government.  I’m not defending the alleged behavior.  It may or may not have happened.  So far there hasn’t been a legal charge that the Lieutenant Governor committed a crime.

Elected officials are to protect and defend the constitution and provide a fair process and protect the rights of all involved.  What’s happening is dangerous to everyone and our rights.  I hope this doesn’t become precedent that all of us can have our careers and lives ruined by an unfounded allegation.

 Johna Gagnon


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