Dear Editor,

Thanks and praise to Diana Smith for her response (Nov. 1) to C.W. Trauernicht's Oct. 25 letter warning us that the One Fairfax plan is the first step toward a Communist takeover.

Evidently, Trauernicht got only half of the historical lesson from Czechoslovakia. 

They endured oppression by the Nazis, too.  The Nazis, for those who came in late, gathered support by promising restored national pride and a return to prosperity, while demonizing ethnic minorities as the cause of the problems.  And, of course, promising to save everyone from the evils of Communism.  As Mark Twain said, history doesn't really repeat itself, but often it rhymes.

And by the way, socialism is not the same as Communism.  Most European countries have some form of socialism, to some degree, and their freedoms are doing just fine.  So disregard the scare propaganda, learn about the candidates and issues, and vote intelligently.  That's the best defense of democracy.

Doug Samuelson


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