Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to S. Srour's letter to the editor titled, "Herndon blasts GOP over the treatment of Congresswoman Omar." After reading the blasting’s final paragraph I had to ask myself whether Democrats have the necessary courage for a “constructive dialogue” with Republicans regarding facts or opinions, without making personal attacks.

Unfortunately, the Congresswoman did not cite or quote a published egghead scholar who supports her observation that a vote of support for Israel by members of Congress depends solely on the alleged "Jewish money" given to the members. Is Congresswoman Omar saying she knows there are sources of money functioning as a bribe?

When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi caught wind of the remarks in question I'm hoping she immediately spoke with Congresswoman Omar. Speaker Pelosi must have asked Omar to tell her which members of Congress might be selling their votes. I'd certainly like to know, as this is a serious allegation of corruption. Is it Democrat or Republican corruption, or both?

I can't imagine a Republican member of Congress flying over to Congresswoman Omar on the House floor to tell her, "By the way, I vote for support of Israel only because of the [money]." If it were Republican corruption that allegation would be news everywhere. What's more likely is that Congresswoman Omar perhaps overheard a Democrat saying that sort of thing. If this the case, the allegation would never see the light of day. Birds of a feather would stick together.

Trent Coleman


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