Dear Editor,

Thank you for the nice article on paid leave.  In addition to having up to nine months to plan for care following a pregnancy, why is this one event deemed so special that you need to pay a mother or father to enjoy some time with the new born?  Giving them some extra leave time to ensure bonding and aftercare is fine, but then give everyone the same amount of leave should they have an equally  life-changing event such as a wedding, or especially, the passing of a loved one.

My partner lost one of her parents in late December 2018 and was forced to deal with it through January 2019.  She lost all of her leave because she had little support in putting her parent to rest, causing her to miss out on quality of life issues. She was unable to take the time to combine her own medical appoints simultaneously with her surviving parent’s appointments, without losing paydays for the entirety of 2019; and she is a 20+ year county employee.

Lastly, everyone may roughly have the same plumbing, but not everyone wants to, or can, have a baby.

Isn’t it kind of discriminatory to give leave for only that event?

Balues Franklin


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