Dear Editor,

In an - "it’s about time" - announcement, a Kentucky lawmaker is proposing a law to ban parents from chemically or surgically castrating or, in any way, sexually altering their own children in opposition to their chromosomal sex. I would add to that, any physician, school, or organization that aides and abets this lunacy should also be held criminally liable.

Having gender-transforming children has become “a thing” on the Left, like a litmus test of “tolerance”. Not satisfied with male and female, society is being saddled with 'gender fluidity' which extrapolates to ‘respect’ the choice of children – apparently - who aren’t sure what they are yet, because they’re children.

In my opinion, this is flat out child abuse.

As a young girl I was a died-in-the-wool tomboy. I hated dolls, dressing-up, and anything pink. Happily, that was over 50 years ago when sanity prevailed; consequently, like 99.9% of all children, I grew out of it and into myself as a woman, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Remembering the reign of terror my natural hormonal changes have had, in transitional phases of my life, I shudder to think of the mental, emotional, and physical trauma from being synthetically hormonally, and God forbid - surgically manipulated as a developing child. This is where ADULTS are expected to step up and resist the whimsies of children who don’t know any better and are trusting parents to protect them from themselves.

From Breitbart News: “An Atlanta-based pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Pediatricians agrees children should be protected from “medical experimentation based on wishful social theory.”

“These children are suffering from a psychological condition without biologic basis,” Van Meter said. “Using the bludgeon of threatened suicide as justification is first of all cruel, and secondly, not supported by valid published studies.”

Catherine Crābill

Irvington, Virginia

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