Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article Senator Janet Howell lives her legacy through a children’s book, published on Nov.7.

I've been neighbors with State-Senator Janet Howell for almost a decade. I've recently read your piece regarding her new book, which led me to further exploration of Senator Howell's accomplishments while in office. Needless to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with her accomplishments, both as one of the handful of women chosen to represent her constituents, and as a proponent of the yet unpassed Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia. I’m proud to have Senator Howell as a neighbor and as a Senator. Her fight for feminist rights is, in my opinion, a paradigm for the eventual leveling of America as a whole. Senator Howell, in my opinion, goes above and beyond what any average person could do: to be elected at her time as a woman is one thing. But to continue to be re-elected for over 30 years is another feat altogether. Every woman equal to every man, and with everyone regarding the other as neighbors and brothers and sisters, not enemies. Our country has long been in sub-surface turmoil, and public servants like Janet Howell are instrumental in quelling the turmoil. Thank you for this article, and for highlighting Senator Howell’s accomplishments.

Mark Pavlichenko


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