Dear Editor,

I am disappointed at your unbalanced reporting in your March 22 lead story about Israel treatment of Palestinians. The fact is that Arabs and Palestinians have more rights in Israel than in most Arab countries. There are Arabs on Israel's Supreme Court, police and even the army and high positions of government. Israel industry pays almost three times as much to Palestinian worked than Palestinians pay their own people. Arabs are free to pray even everywhere from the Temple Mount to the airport. But in most of the Arab world, Israels are prohibited from entering, forget about praying! When Jordan illegally controlled the West Bank, Jews were expelled from the territory! Gays are tormented and even executed in the Arab and Palestinian world, and their governments are run by despots. Palestinians had five chances for their own country since 1947 and said no each time. So let’s get real and bring the truth to the discussion. Palestinians need to look at the faults of their own leadership and their brothers and sisters in the Arab world.

Gregory Malakoff


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