Dear Editor, 

Like most Virginians, I was stunned and saddened by the purported image of Dr. Governor Northam in an offensive costume from 35 years ago.  Why didn’t this image surface when he was running for office as lieutenant governor and governor?  Why now and who leaked the image?  Who gains from destroying the career of a good man?  Who wants to create controversy and a scandal in Virginia?

It turns out a conservative website, Big League Politics—former Breitbart associates and Corey Stewart allies—were behind the image release. 

Apparently Dr. Northam’s position on infanticide late term abortion triggered the leaking of a racist image that started a call for his swift resignation.

I think Democrats need a time out to have a serious discussion on why they are willing to destroy a good man’s career and reputation over a photo.  They also need to stand behind fellow Democrats they like who have been doing a great job for the people who elected them.

Republicans need to accept defeat and stop trying to cause trouble and create chaos.  Revenge politics and sneaky tactics are not going to help win votes or favors.  Virginia said no to Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart and Donald Trump and the GOPs slim majority in the Virginia house will inevitably get smaller.

I have already forgiven Dr. Northam and I pray that the loud voices that are demanding his resignation can have the compassion to also forgive him for his alleged mistakes of many years ago.  He is a good man who can lead Virginia in the right direction.

Everyone deserves a second chance just like when Dr. Northam gave our former inmates the right to vote, we can give him that chance too.   I think this will motivate him to work even harder for us.

Former Virginia congressman Jim Moran mentioned the late West Virginia Senator, Robert C. Byrd, who was a KKK member in the 1940s who ended up helping commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorial on the Mall.

 We can come out of this with a serious dialogue on race and re-emerge from a scandal to an example for the nation to follow as we rise above the bitterness and the anger into forgiveness and tolerance. 

S. Srour


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