Dear Editor,

After reading Fairfax County Times ““Bee” Thankful for Pollinators” I am reminded of the importance of our little pollinators the bees. The article provides helpful information about what plants everyone should be growing in order to support bees. I myself  was born and have grown up here in Fairfax County and I see many neighborhoods including my own with plants such as lavender and Black-eyed Susan’s trying to help make a difference. As helpful as growing supporting plants are, I believe it is also important to attack the problem at the source.

The use of agricultural pesticides has been shown to decrease pollinators population. Without more of a public discussion these pesticides will continue to be used at an alarming rate. We should be pushing for a ban of harmful pesticides that as mentioned in the article would take away our favorite holiday dishes. 

Fairfax County has always been a beautiful location with amazing outdoor recreational locations like the Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck Wildlife Refuge, Huntly Meadows Parks, the Jackson M. Abbott Wetland Refuge, and many more. These locations would not look the same without pollinators which is why the fight to ban pesticides should be a topic for our community so we can ban together and save our little pollinators.

Tania Romero Gonzalez

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