Dear Editor,

In his opinion “New Residential Development in Reston Essential…”, Mark 

Ingrao suggested new housing development in the Metro areas would not

significantly increase vehicular traffic congestion. I disagree.

He stated that all the consulted experts believed the “single best

tool to mitigate traffic congestion impacts are balanced jobs to

household ratios”, where workers would live in the new residences

and walk to work, thereby keeping them from driving and creating new

traffic problems. This plenary concept is attractive but sidesteps

reality. No one can control how employees travel to work when

parking and metro fees are a factor, and when freedom of choice in

personal mobility is available. Those who live in new Metro area

housing units too far from work to walk will drive. Others who

live there but do not work in Reston and don’t commute by train will

also drive. Both groups will add to the traffic congestion already

present, and those unknown numbers of future drivers will not be

contained in the Metro areas, but distribute throughout the town,

especially on evenings and weekends. Others in the household

will also drive for other reasons.

Mr. Ingrao further stated that limiting residential

development is not in the community interest, but he did not

explain why. I’m certain many in this town will not agree. We must

do exactly that. Keep the density cap where it is. We must limit Reston

growth in order to save the way of life we have known here, including

the ease of movement and parking, the natural beauty, peace and

quiet, uncrowded schools and the many educational and

recreational enhancements offered by the founder’s original vision.

Without effective controls, all will be swept away by unnecessary,

creeping urbanism. We are seeing that happening now.

Richard Liebler


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