Dear Editor,

In response to the letter entitled “What’s the Czech Republic got to do with our elections?” warning us that Stalin is on our doorsteps because of the county’s new policy for OneFairfax, I looked up the policy (

And it is not a radical idea—it is not Marxian–it is American, much like our Constitution—placing equity and justice for all Fairfax Residents at the heart of our officials’ decisions.

For some, cloaked in a world of gated communities and social privileges, this concept might be challenging but it is well beyond time that our county adopts and follows this policy.

For those who fear contact with others, exposure to new ideas, social mixing and diverse communities - then this concept will be challenging for you-–but it is the basis of the founding of this country (ironically along with slavery). In Fairfax, OneFairfax is a progressive idea, like our Constitution.

As stated in the Fairfax County Strategic Plan: “No community has a preordained right to prosperity. Prosperity can only be achieved and sustained when a community's citizens, businesses, and government work in concert for everyone's benefit.”

Diana Smith


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