Dear Editor,

Once upon a time in America there was a President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who told the TRUTH most of the time, when he provided Congress with all the information and witnesses they requested during the Iran Contra Investigation. Now Donald Trump spreads misinformation MOST of the time, even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, when America NEEDS a President to honest with the American people cannot help himself but lie, such is the nature of a Pathological Liar.

Once upon a time in America there was a Republican Party that stood with the Constitution of the United States, when the late Republican Senator Barry Goldwater told President Richard Nixon, he needs to resign for the Good of America. Now Nick Freitas says that he stands with Donald Trump and no Republican has the courage to criticize Trump when he lies in the midst of this Pandemic.

Once upon a time in America there was a President and Party that brought Americans together, with a President that won with Electoral and Popular vote Landslides, it was truly the UNITED States of America. Now we have a DIVIDED States of America and a President that won a few states narrowly and lost the popular vote and is working to get re-elected by DIVIDING America,

Once upon a time in America I voted for a Republican President and Republican members of Congress. Now I am the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Virginia and determined to build another Party of Reagan.

John Bloom

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Hear hear!

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