Dear Editor,

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will be voting soon on a 2021 budget that includes a 5.25% increase in taxes on homeowners which entails a 2.5% increase in real property tax rate and a 2.7% increase in assessments. This year’s budget increase comes on top of a 25% increase in taxes over the last 5 years. Just this year the assessed value on my home increased a whopping 4.73% making it impossible for senior citizen retirees like us to afford to live in Fairfax County and most likely in Virginia. This tax rate is far and above the rate in our neighboring jurisdictions that have proposed flat rates or only slight increases.

This Board’s budget is the result of all of the increased spending which is Board directed. The only dissenting voice on the Board is the lone Republican on the Board, Pat Herrity. The rest of the Board is comprised of tax and spend Democrats. The Board is responding to pressures from activists, like David Edelman who chairs “Invest in Fairfax” which advocates for the county’s public employees and other advocates, while ignoring the needs of county homeowners.

Residential properties make up almost 73% of the county’s taxable base while the wide swath of commercial and industrial properties make up only 19.7% of the taxable base. Why?

My wife and I resent that these increases are being made to fund even more additional programs including adding more supposed affordable housing at the expense of homeowners. This Board is ignoring county data that shows that funding affordable housing is counterproductive as low income communities are seeing the highest increase in property tax assessments.

Recall that our County Board sought to impose a 5% meals tax in a 2016 referendum that was defeated at the polls. But this is not stopping our tax-and-spend Democrat-led Board.

No, they have recently placed pressure on the tax and spend ideological cult Democrats in Richmond to produce a bill to allow counties in Virginia to levy taxes, including an income tax. There is now such a bill pending in the Virginia legislature to give counties the same taxing authority as towns and cities. You voted for these free spending ideologues and now we all have to suffer.

Either start voting for more conservative voices on the Board and in Richmond, or its time for many county residents to consider relocating to a more tax friendly environment outside of Virginia.

Frank W. Sullivan


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