Dear Editor,

Can you believe that it is 2020 and rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats still have substances forced down their throats, dripped into their eyes, and spread onto their skin before being killed for cosmetics?

Yes, these outdated methods are still in force, even though more modern and humane approaches are available. Animal testing may have been the way of predicting the safety of cosmetics in the past, but all companies need to begin implementing 21st-century approaches. Thousands of ingredients have already been deemed safe and don’t require new testing. For new ingredients, there are many alternatives already developed, with more on the way. Additionally, most non-animal methods are more cost-effective. In fact, companies can lose money by not being able to sell their products in countries that have already banned imports of animal-tested products. And the biggest kicker is that using non-animal methods is safer, more relevant, and more reliable for customers.

As Representative Helmer and Senator Marsden make their way to the Capitol Floor this session, I hope they answer this call to action. HR 14 and HB 1289 (Prohibits testing cosmetics on animals in the Commonwealth effective July 1, 2021) have been introduced this session by Delegate Gooditis and Senator Boysko. Research has shown that most American voters are ready to phase out animal testing, and over 1,000 North American cosmetic brands have already done so. Let’s do the right thing in Virginia by supporting these resolutions and urging congress to pass the federal law.

Jennifer Christiansen


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