Dear Editor,

Virginia is a beautiful state bounded by rolling green mountains and the timeless sea. Unfortunately, our forests and waterways are threatened by unneeded fracked-gas pipelines that undermine property rights and threaten Virginians’ safety and drinking water. The Transco Pipeline, at only 57 percent capacity, is enough.

Work on the 300-mile-long Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) has wreaked environmental havoc. Development includes routes down steep mountains, the clear-cutting of trees, and weak sediment/erosion controls. Further, the MVP is will cross many head water streams of the Roanoke River, which provides drinking water to Roanoke and Salem. This pipeline could double Virginia’s greenhouse gas emissions, worsening the climate crisis.

Attorney General Mark Herring has filed a lawsuit alleging over 300 violations of water quality standards by the MVP, federal courts have vacated numerous construction permits, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has raised questions about the pipeline’s impacts on endangered species, and the company constructing the MVP is under criminal investigation for violating the Clean Water Act. The project is a year behind schedule and almost two billion dollars over budget.

We need Mark Herring to pursue his lawsuit against MVP to the fullest, advise the State Water Control Board that it has the authority to revoke MVP’s water quality certification, and halt construction of MVP.

Catherine Carver

Peg Hausman

Sierra Club Great Falls

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