Dear Editor, 

I’m writing in response to the article titled “Congressional incumbent Jennifer Wexton wins reelection”, published in your newspaper on November 13. I’m from Fairfax and this was my second time voting. I do not know a lot about politics or who the congress members are for my district. Even though I don’t know much about politics I do believe that it’s my responsibility to vote. When I was filling out my ballot I was shocked to see that I was choosing between two women. Most people myself included when they imagine a congressperson they imagined a congressman who is also white and rich. I’m glad to see that We’re at the point in our society where there is a stronger focus on what their policies are rather than their gender. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is proof that there are equal opportunities for women no matter their race. Harris is not just the first women Vice-President, not just the first Black, and not just the first Asian-American vice president she is all three combined. As a mixed-race woman myself it’s hard to describe how good it feels to see yourself represented. My initial thought for who the president, vice president, or even local congressperson would look like is a man, typically white. This is what I grew up seeing, but now they’re going to be kids that when they learn about the vice president they’ll see a woman of color and that will be their normal.

Xanthia Gomez

Fairfax, VA

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