Dear Editor,

I am writing to state my opposition to the treatment of Representative Ilhan Omar by members of Congress. Representative Omar should be allowed to question the US relationship with Israel without being condemned. Being critical of Israel's policies is not the same thing as being anti-Semitic, and the two should not be conflated. This blind allegiance to a country, by members of Congress, is concerning to me. We have other members of Congress (and in the White House!) who have openly expressed white supremacist views.

It is apparent that the level of scrutiny that Rep. Omar is receiving compared to others is unfair and prejudiced—a direct result of being a Muslim woman of color. In fact, this backlash only serves to strengthen Ms. Omar's point about our country's blind allegiance to Israel. I urge Senators Kaine and Warner and Representative Connolly to condemn all anti-semitism and white suprematism equally and do not fall into the trap of disproportionally punishing Rep. Omar for her comments (which she has apologized for and which have been misconstrued.) We must allow her and other members of Congress to discuss and debate Israel-US policy in a respectful tone. We could use a commission a study, or focus group of average American-Jews, (not AIPAC) to gain more insight into this situation.

Renee Cartwright


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