Dear Editor,

There will be lots of plastic in the sea and hurt lots of animals. Both big and small animals will be affected. After learning, I think that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. How would animals live? This will be dangerous because animals will get sick and die. I love animals and they are fantastic. I do not want them to get hurt. Plastic is bad. Bags and water bottles harm turtles. When they do eat and eat with their family they all get sick. They are helping their family but …we are not. Do animals help us? Yes. Yes, they do. Do people putting plastic in the sea help? No. No, they do not. Some people risk their lives and are trying to get plastic out. I am a kid but I can help. Don’t use plastic. Do you use plastic water bottle or bags? I hope not. Some people do care and some people use plastic. Some people use plastic water bottles but… then the plastic goes in the sea and in an animal’s tummy. Spread the word. Keep plastic away and reuse your water bottle. Great job if that is what me and you are doing. If you know a friend who does this and is reusing then tell the tale. I will write until there is no plastic in the sea. You and me and the sea want and are trying to stop this problem. Saving animals is very important. Why is there plastic in the sea? Maybe it’s by humans. There is still a lot of plastic in the sea. Words to remember: No plastic, animals hurt, and dangerous. Animals need help. We are going from plastic to no more plastic. Some things like plastic are animal’s enemy. No plastic, no sick animals. Do you know the golden rule? Treat other’s the way you want to be treated! Are you treating them kindly? I am. I don’t even use plastic water bottles. I love animals and know animals like … turtles, fish, sharks, and way more get hurt and injured with plastic. I hope you like my idea. So, are you going to save to the animals? I hope so. Peace out.

Naveli Jain, 8 years old

Second grader at Stenwood Elementary School

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