Dear Editor,

Since when did the Flag of the thirteen colonies become a symbol of racism?

To people who express hatred and disrespect for our country and our flag, I say, then leave!

I am saying that as a black American.

How is that racist? It is not, and neither is the President. I am sure that when President Trump said to the four women of the Democrat apocalypse, “go back where you came from,” he was referring to Ilhan Omar who was given asylum by our country from a violent, chaotic Somalia. She has never expressed an ounce of gratitude. She has said she was lied to about the ability to prosper here. She was made to feel “otherness” here.

To her, I join the President in saying, “then go back where you came from if you think America is racist.” She even implied at a fundraiser that we want children to die at the border because they don’t “look like us.”

Our country would be a better place if she and those who think like her had never come here, and it would be better for us all if she left and took with her everybody who shares her hatred and disrespect of our country.

As for the other three - Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley - they were born here. The President lumped them all together and that was a rhetorical error, but the sentiment is still valid. The mainstream media is quibbling over the technicalities. These leftists who hate this country and want us to be Marxist, Socialist, communist - all of them, regardless of ethnicity - need to find someplace else to live. They can go to Cuba, China, Vietnam or any other collectivist country that suits their fancy.

America is a nation of freedom - free markets, individual liberty and personal responsibility for one’s own life and family. We are a nation of individualists, not collectivists. These four radical Democrat women may represent the future of the Democrat Party, but they portend the demise of our country unless they are totally discredited.

This is not about skin color. There are many leftists with a different complexion to whom I offer the same invitation - leave! That includes Bernie Sanders and any political candidate or activist who wants to subvert our Constitution and replace it with some sort of communist compact. They can go practice totalitarianism somewhere else.

If Colin Kaepernick is offended by the Colonial flag of Betsy Ross, go live in some other country. To make the decision permanent, he should renounce his American citizenship and leave behind the millions of dollars he has made in this terribly unjust country. Nike can go with him.

The Flag of the thirteen colonies represents the beginning of our country. We will not be controlled by the racists who exploit it or the anti-American idiots who denigrate it.

Hating America is a disease that has infected many of our citizens. Even the US Women’s Soccer Team has contracted it. Recruited and paid to represent our country, they stained a great victory by treating the American Flag and our National Anthem as symbols of oppression. They’re playing for the United States! Olympic teams are supposed to represent American pride and unity.

Instead the Women’s Soccer Team led by a radical lesbian used the opportunity to embarrass our country in a world of dictatorial and oppressive regimes. These spoiled American players have no clue what real oppression is.

They disagree with President Trump? So what! I didn’t agree with President Obama, but that did not change my love and respect for our country.

The left has politicized every aspect of our lives - sports, entertainment, journalism and education. They have tried to make patriotism represent racism.

It amazes me that some of the most privileged of our citizens are hell bent on dividing us and destroying the very freedom that gave them such outstanding personal success!

If they don’t appreciate or want to preserve that liberty, they should leave. But they won’t leave. They are evil, not stupid.

We must fight evil with good, and be more determined to save our country than they are to destroy and remake it into another socialist basket case.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.

Chesapeake, Virginia

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