Dear Editor,

I urge my state representatives, Delegate David Bulova and Senator Chap Peterson to support The Reproductive Health Protection Act HB980 and SB733.

Current restrictions on abortion put in place by anti-choice legislators over decades were designed to shame women and shutdown women’s clinics. Leading medical organizations such as the American Medical Association, the American Medical Women’s Association and the American Public health Association agree that these restrictions are medically unnecessary and not based on best medical practices.

Patients are currently forced to undergo a medically unnecessary ultrasound and make multiple trips to a clinic due to the medically unnecessary 24 hour waiting period before returning to the clinic for their abortion. For hourly employees, part-time and low wage workers an extra day off work can make the difference between making rent or even losing their job. Other possible costs of childcare, transportation, and lodging can be prohibitive.

Current laws also require that abortion care be performed solely by physicians and blocks Advanced Practice Clinicians (APC) from practicing these procedures. Research finds that early abortions can be performed safely by an APC with the appropriate training and experience.

Allowing APC to perform an early abortion would mean that they could go out to rural areas where medical care and doctors are not readily available to provide this service.

No other medical decision is treated with the same level of political intrusion and it is time these decisions be left in the hands of patients and medical professionals.

Marcia Zedd


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