Dear Editor,

Naturalist E.O. Wilson, a strong advocate of conservation, famously proposed in 2014 that half of the earth's surface should be left undeveloped. In light of that thoughtful advice, it was jarring to see in the February 22-24 issue of the Times a story about the asserted dedication of the Board of Supervisors to environmentalism placed directly across from an account of the plan to pave over the green space of Blake Lane Park for a school. Fairfax County will deserve the praise it evidently seeks on environmental issues only through actions, not through resolutions on paper.

Apart from the many uses to which Blake Lane Park is put, it is a precious area of undeveloped open space in a locality with fewer and fewer such places. It deserves to be left in that condition -- both to serve local residents and to show that the Board of Supervisors meant what it said in the "Fairfax Green Initiatives" resolution. Such a decision would certainly involve trade-offs, as all conservation efforts do. But it is the kind of decision that a county truly concerned about conservation would make.

George Colvin


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