Dear Editor,

Climate change is the urgent moral challenge of our time. Fairfax County elected officials are responding. The Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS), a nonpartisan, interfaith organization of more than 75 congregations in Fairfax, applauds actions the Board of Supervisors and School Board have taken recently, and their 2020 budget commitments:

A new Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination will be responsible for achieving sustained cuts in greenhouse gases county-wide. The new office will have the organizational stature, staffing, resources and accountability necessary to lead the county’s comprehensive approach to cutting greenhouse gases.

County Government Operations Energy Strategy supports energy efficiency and renewable energy for county operations. In September, the Board of Supervisors approved $4.5 million for the first year.

Fairfax will start a Community-wide Energy and Climate Action Plan (CECAP). Last Tuesday, the BOS approved $277,000 and two positions for Energy and Climate Planning and added further funds for consultants in the FY 2019 Carryover Budget.

Replacing street lights throughout the county with LEDs will start soon. The 2020 budget allocates $1.8 million for LED streetlight conversion. The sooner these lights are upgraded, the faster we start saving electricity and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy for county and county schools is being fast tracked. An RFP for Solar Power Purchase Agreement is expected next month. Construction could begin soon on as many as 200 solar installations on county and school buildings.

FACS is optimistic about the direction of the county. Together we can create a healthy, sustainable Fairfax.

Eric Goplerud


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