Dear Editor,

There he goes again!

The Reston Chamber of Commerce President's article in last week's paper would have been timely (completely wrong, but timely) in 2015 during consideration of the First Phase of the Comprehensive Plan, which dealt with the areas around the Metro. Nothing in his most recent op-ed, however, deals with the issues before us now, which involve the Phase Two proposals affecting the established residential areas of Reston.

But let's skip over that and address what I think he was trying to say - that adding tens of thousands of additional residents without providing needed roads, schools or parks is somehow good for "balanced growth". Mr. Ingrao works in Reston so he must know this community was conceived, designed and initially built on the concept of balance. That's why we had a mix of office, retail, apartments, townhomes and single family houses all connected by tree-lined roads and pedestrian and bike pathways. As the office buildings in the Metro corridor that provided close by employment have been bulldozed and replaced by high rise - and high price - apartment buildings, this balance has been upset - to the detriment of everyone. And now Mr. Ingrao would have us extend this folly to every corner of our community, no matter how far from what passes as "mass transit."

Members of the Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) believe in preserving a healthy balance, which means additional development must be supported by infrastructure and established neighborhoods shouldn't be sacrificed to rampant and unneeded development. Further, Reston has always been an open, welcoming community to people from all walks of life and income levels and Mr. Ingrao's proposals would move us away from this.

One presumes the Chamber of Commerce includes businessmen and women who know something about the consequences of actions. What happens when you try to put eight people in a five passenger car? When you build half a bridge? When you have one teacher for 60 students? Now think about what would happen if the Chamber's "balance" comes to pass.

Dennis K. Hays

President, Reston Citizens Association

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