Happy Meowy New Year! Meows, I am always amazed at how fast the years go. Did you get a new pet for Christmas this year? Along with the fun and blessings of a new pet comes responsibility! As their human, and one they love so much, you owe it to them to make a few New Year’s Resolutions to them! Paws, we have pawed a few articles last fall about bringing a puppy home, please visit to read them. 

Paws, first and foremost, are your pet’s ID tags and microchips updated with current contact information? HISS! It is too easy for someone to find and keep a pet who got out of the fenced backyard and wandered down the street without it. The contact information included on the tags can mean a quicker return of the pet to you! Should you move, make updating your pet’s ID’s a priority as impawtant as changing your address and contact information. Purrs! 

A most impawtant New Year’s Resolution to commit to your pet is daily exercise! Meows, for us cats, it’s playtime around the house with safe and engaging toys! Purrs, we darling pawsome cats get to stay inside where it is mostest comfortable while you take Fido out to play a game of fetch or two and for a long walk. Pawingly, you should pawlan to give Fido at least an hour or two daily of exercising whether it be playing in the backyard or one to two walks, purrs, whatever works best for you and your dog. 

Meows, a health examination for your dog and cat is a routine every human should get into the habit of doing. Depending on your pet’s age, and health issues, you may need to schedule one to two Veterinarian visits per year for a health examination. Paws, regular visits with your Veterinarian can help your pet be healthier and happier as well as prevent serious issues.  

Purrs, you know how great you feel after grooming yourself? All clean and fresh? Meows! Pets, especially dogs who roll around outside, get dirty and could use grooming. Learn to groom your pet yourself or find a professional groomer. Paws, when using a professional groomer, pay attention to whether your pets enjoy their experience. Meows, I know Noah loves his experiences at one groomer and hated it at other places. It impawtant for the pets to be happy! Meows! 

Purringly, another great pawromise to make with your pet is to feed them the healthiest food and treats you pawssibly can afford and avoid human food. As with humans, a key to a healthy and happy life for your pets is to feed them a well-balanced diet and avoid providing too many treats! Pay attention to how much, or how little, food your pet eats and adjust accordingly. Eating too little food can be a sign of other problems too. Meowingly, discuss concerns with your Veterinarian. 

Meows, mental exercise is as impawtant as physical. Oh, my paws! This is a good idea for my human! Yes, meows, take some time this year to teach your dog, even an older dog, yes- you can teach an older dog, a new trick. Tricks help enhance their motor and listening skills and improve obedience. Purringly, teaching new tricks can help humans relieve stress and are a great bonding time between you and your pet. 

The most paws of all, if your pet is new to you, you are new to them, and so are whatever you do, the way you do them, the family in your home, your friends, and daily routines. Meowingly, it’s pawingly impawtant to give your pets time, patience, and lots of love to get used to their new life. They don’t adjust overnight, paws; it can take up to 3-4 weeks for a pet to start being comfortable in new surroundings. 

If you do not have a pet, consider sponsoring a dog or cat at a local rescue. These guys can use your financial help as they transition from whatever circumstances to a new “Forever Home!” with humans to love who will love them. Most rescues operate solely on donations from animal lovers. Contact a rescue and look for information to “Sponsor” a dog or cat. 

About us! Samson is a Maine Coon cat who rules his human’s household while writing articles about cats, cat adoption, entertaining cat stories, and cat cartoons at Enjoy his articles? Pawlease follow him at by email. He is cat to his human, Allen Pearson,,,,,,

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