New Ramp from 28 to 66

A new ramp from Route 28 South to I-66 East will open on or about the morning of September 25.

Drivers on Route 28 South will stay to the right to access I-66 East using the new ramp, located prior to the traffic signal and two left-turn lanes that drivers currently use. The new ramp is one of several major traffic pattern changes happening this year in the I-66 and Route 28 Interchange area as part of the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project. 

Upon the opening of the new loop ramp, the current two left-turn lanes and the spur ramp from southbound Route 28 to I-66 East will be permanently closed to allow for construction of new northbound Route 28 thru-lanes and additional ramps for the redesigned interchange. The traffic signal on Route 28 at I-66 will also be removed at that time.

Drivers should use caution and follow roadway signs when traveling in this area.

The two remaining traffic signals on Route 28 between Westfields Boulevard and I-66 will be removed later this year. A new overpass reconnecting Braddock Road and Walney Road is also scheduled to open later this year. 

The new Route 28 and I-66 Interchange will improve traffic flow on I-66 and Route 28, and provide access to and from the future I-66 Express Lanes. The I-66 Outside the Beltway Express Lanes, which span from I-495 to Route 29 in Gainesville, are expected to open in December 2022.

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All work is weather dependent and will be rescheduled if inclement conditions occur. 

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