MEOWS! Well, why not adopt a senior cat? Why not adopt a cat?! There is no good reason for not adopting a cat! Give cats a home and the bestestest of everything the universe has to offer! I’m sure I could get cat lovers everywhere to agree that cats are where it’s at! That’s that! Go forth and adopt!

Paws, I’m a young cat, but from what I read and have learned from rescue friends and my humans, senior cats make pawsome pets too. Just because they have some age on them doesn’t mean they can’t cuddle, snuggle, play with toys, be your family’s bestest-buddy-ever! Meows, this month is designated as National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, so I will paw my thoughts on adopting a senior cat! 

MEOWS! MEOWS! My human dad was terrified of cats, still is around other cats, but my human mom wanted to adopt a cat. Pawingly, he wanted her to be happy, so he nervously agreed. Mom found an 11-year-old Maine Coon cat to adopt. The two met the cat, who was quiet and very gentle, but that didn’t help relax Dad. Meowingly, the cat climbed onto his lap which made him even more nervous! Meows! The cat won Mom over and ended up going home with them. Paws, within a few days, maybe a week, the cat was found curled up next to Dad in bed. He had won him over, and they became besties! Meows. A senior cat helped win my human Dad over to love cats! 

Paws, a senior cats’ pawsonality has already developed and known. If you are looking for a chatterbox meowster like me or a quiet companion, a loving cat, or if you are a really-grouchy-hard-to-get-along-with-obnoxious human, you may be able to find a cat with a personality to match what you would like or are! Purrs. 

Meowingly, a senior cat has pawssibly already learned house manners! Paws, there probably will not be any furniture damage or late-night attacks on your feet or prowling around to curl up on top of your head or waking you up for lovin’s and attention! Meows, chances are they are resting too. Pawingly, a senior cat has already been trained to use the litterbox too! 

Paws, unlike a young kitten, senior cats’ health needs are already known. With a senior cat, you should receive a medical report from the shelter or rescue about its health issues and what may be required in the future. For some, this expense could be a stopping point. Paws, before you stop considering a senior cat, ask the rescue or shelter about pawssible available resources to assist with Veterinary costs. Talk with other pet owners. Do an internet search too.   

Some humans like small cats, while others like large cats. My humans have always adopted Maine Coon cats because of their gentleness, great pawsonality, pawnderfulness, and size. With a senior cat, there isn’t any guessing what size the cat will grow to be. It will already be the size it will be! Purrs! 

A pawsitively cool aspect of adopting a senior cat is you can teach them new tricks! They can be just as much fun as a kitten! Since they focus and learn just like other cats, their attention is often less distracted so that they can earn tricks. Many senior cats enjoy toys too. 

Are you looking for a purebred cat or pawssibly a mix of a certain breed? Rescues and shelters often have rescued senior purebred cats. Pawingly, there are rescue organizations that focus solely on specific breeds! Using and can be pawcellent resources to locating the pawfect senior purebred cat for you!  

Paws, when a senior cat has been adopted, they seem to know they have been rescued and are grateful for the love. 

A cat can live into its teens and even twenties! Don’t let a pawsome cat be passed over for adoption simply due to its age. 

Paws, when you adopt a senior cat, you are saving a life. Purrs, senior cats are often hard to place since everyone wants to adopt a cute young kitty, so the pawrecious seniors are overlooked. When you adopt a senior, you help to make space for another cat who needs to come into the shelter.

About Us! Samson is a Maine Coon cat who rules his human’s household while writing articles about cats, cat adoption, entertaining cat stories, and cat cartoons at

Enjoy his articles? Pawlease follow him at by email. He is cat to his human, Allen Pearson,,,,

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