It’s a rarity to find an exceptionally talented athlete at the high school level, but it’s even more impressive when that individual is gifted in multiple areas. Enter McLean resident and National Cathedral HS Senior Jamie Caroline Wang, the only 4-year starter on the team that has won four District of Columbia State Athlete Association Softball Championships. Not only is she an ace Pitcher, Catcher, and Shortstop, Wang also plays Volleyball, Squash, and Basketball and that’s just looking at her athletic background.

Aside from her exploits on the playing field, Wang has an overall GPA of 4.44 and has won several awards for sports, arts and for having good character. She also is heavily involved in her community by creating over 20 logos for non-profits, taking photos for websites and is a Board Member for Mclean Youth Athletics serving as a TA for Mclean Project for the Arts Summer Camp. Wang has also plans to combine her interests in STEM, Sports, and Art into a career while Majoring in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at The University of Pennsylvania when she graduates this month.

Considering her tight schedule, Wang admits that whatever free time she does have, isn’t really meant for leisure time. “With my hectic schedule, I’m forced to take advantage of my free time and plan ahead for homework and other commitments,” She explained. For her, a typical weekend doesn’t involve fun times spent with friends, but hours playing Softball from the morning to evening on Saturdays and being stuck at work on Fridays. However, these sacrifices have paid off in her eyes, “At first I got annoyed with this, but it’s worth to spend the time playing the game I love with my teammates,” Wang said. Her teammates are the true victories that Wang has had during her athletic career, “The biggest highlight and takeaway from sports is the people I met. My coaches and teammates are my lifelong teachers and best friends.”

Some people might get a headache trying to combine multiple disparate elements into a full-blown career, but Wang seems to already have an idea for that. “One possible intersection of material science, artistic design, and my athletic interest would be to work in a field that ensures safety.” One of her hopes with this is to “Increase the effectiveness of sports equipment and to boost their efficiency.”

The future is bright for Jamie Wang and she can’t wait to reach her full potential and beyond.

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