Dear Editor:

For constituents of the 11th Congressional District of Virginia, the choice is pretty clear:

—If you hate America, cops, the free market, and the Constitution, then go right on ahead and vote to re-elect Congressman Gerry Connolly to yet another term.

—If, on the other hand, you’re a true American patriot who still loves and believes in these things, and opposes socialist dictatorship, then cast your vote for Manga Anantatmula for Congress, and send Gerry Connolly’s unworthy political career where it belongs, on the same “ash heap of history” (to quote the late great Ronald Wilson Reagan).

Gerry Connolly has towed the line of the increasingly radical Marxist dictatorial agenda of the Democratic Party, or as I call it, the Pro-Crime Party (PCP). He is an integral part of party of the AOCs, Ilhan Omars, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosis of the world, a gaggle of terrorist-coddlers (counting both foreign terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS as well as domestic terrorists like Antifa and BLM), anti-Semites, infanticidal maniacs (no wonder they love Red China so much), cop-defunders, tax-mongers, gun-grabbers, and Cancel Culture Political Correctness Thought Police that must be making George Orwell roll over in his grave.

Gerry Connolly and his ilk continue to undermine and slander our heroic Federal law enforcement officers in U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), Border Patrol, and Immigration & Customs Enforcement whilst supporting unfettered illegal immigration by violent, thuggish gangs like MS-13, whose motto is “Kill, Rape, Control.”

Connolly claims he supports the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, then commits the typical socialist politician’s act of equivocation (and Orwellian doublespeak) by supporting bans against so-called “assault weapons” (which is a total technical misnomer anyway; not that gun grabbers have ever cared to be confused with the facts). “Nobody needs an assault rifle,” Comrade Connolly’s Communist cohorts in political and mainstream media circles alike claim. 

Earth to Gerry: it’s called the Bill of Rights, NOT the Bill of “Needs.” Second of all, these so-called “assault weapons” are actually used in a minute percentage of crimes, political and media hysteria notwithstanding. Third of all, seeing how the Democrats nationwide (at the state and municipal level alike) continue to defund and neuter law enforcement, thus giving Antifa and BLM terrorists free reign to riot and loot and vandalize, I daresay that extra firepower is just what the doctor ordered to give private citizens a chance to resist these Stalinist goons.

In sharp contrast to the illegal alien lawbreakers that Connolly and his fellow Democrats support at taxpayer expense, Manga Anantatmula is a LEGAL immigrant to this country who did things the right way, rightfully earned her U.S. citizenship, and (along with her lawful immigrant husband) is living the American Dream. If elected to Congress, Manga will promote policies which uphold that American Dream, the same American Dream that Gerry Connolly and his communist cabal openly seek to destroy. 

Stop Socialist Dictatorship in America. Vote for Manga Anantatmula for Congress. 


CHRISTIAN D. ORR, former Capt, USAF 

Reston, VA

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Thank you for your service, Christian, and for pointing out what is obvious for all to see. The time is now to allow liberty and freedom to reign.

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