Last weekend, the top young guns in High School Baseball gathered for the Va.Commonwealth All-Star Baseball competition. This tournament which started last Friday night at 6pm, is a chance for 15 to 17-year-old prospects to compete in front of both College and Major League scouts. The competition was hosted by Liberty University and the teams were divided into the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Central regions across Virginia.

Throughout the weekend, the top two teams would square off in a final game before everyone went back home. It was the Northern Region that won the tournament 7-4 against the Central squad. However, their win was outdone by their personal experiences over athletic glory and here is what three of the players had to say about that.

The Northern region was comprised of several Fairfax County standouts such as Junior P/1B Tre Williams (South County), Sophomore CF/P Nick Lottchea (Westfield), and Junior OF Thomas Trinca (Centreville). Despite losing the tournament, these young men still found value from the experience, “It was good playing against the older players to see where I stand as a Sophomore,” Nick Lottchea explained. “Lottchea also added that, “The best part of it was to bond with the other players and talking to some of the guys from our rival teams.”

To Tre Williams, this whole event was a mystery to him, “I didn’t know what to expect,” Williams said about going into the tournament. Williams would later say that, “This thing woke me up, it was pretty exciting when it got going,” he added. Much like Lottchea, Williams’ main source of joy was the personal side of the event. “It was nice to bond with my teammates and develop some good chemistry with them,” He concluded.

For Thomas Trinca, it was a chance to scope some of the opposing pitchers out to, “See what I have to improve with my swing against them,” he said. Trinca’s best standout moment was when, “I hit a 3 run HR in the first game and then one of my teammates hit a solo shot right after me,” He explained.

Following their triumph in the tournament, these boys along with their teammates can now look ahead to next Spring for the 2019-20 season. But not before enjoying the remainder of their Summer vacation first. On top of the fact that they all impressed those who attended the tournament, from the parents to the scouts and coaches who may be asking for their services soon.

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