Going up for a shot. 

Earlier this month, the St. James Fitness and Entertainment complex hosted a 3x3 Basketball Tournament. Sponsored by Red Bull, the event was just a part of a larger scale tournament that’ll determine who will represent America in the 3x3 games in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Due to a lack of teams for the women’s games, only the men’s teams were out there shooting hoops.

The tournaments are being held in more than 20 cities across the country between now and September before Nationals. Anyone that’s 18 years of age or older can participate if they register on the website for the tournament beforehand. In the gymnasium at St. James, the Basketball courts were separated into 4 half-court games for the teams to play each other to maximize the speed of determining who will advance.

There were 16 teams participating in the games which were only 8mins to determined who’d move on to the next round. The men participating in these games came from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania natives. The winners for this portion of the tournament series were Maryland natives who named themselves after St. James. They beat out a team called All-State 27-16.

The winners were Alpha Bangura, Terell Buyck, and Pele Paeley, “Moving on to the next round is cool, we’ve been getting ready for this moment for a while now,” Bangura explained. For Buyck, this victory almost didn’t happen, “I got into a car crash the night before, but I’m lucky that I didn’t get hurt.” Buyck sees this as a good omen for the road ahead. Buyck’s teammates didn’t know about it until after the tournament. “I didn’t want anybody to worry,” he explained. These three men will now move on to Nationals which will determine who’ll go to the Olympics next year.

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