The Langley Saxon’s Varsity girls team met the Washington-Liberty Generals team on their home court. The Coronavirus pandemic is still keeping fans from attending but this game still had a few faces in the stands wearing masks and observing social distancing rules.

The first quarter saw Langley take control of the game by constantly penetrating the paint. The Saxons did blow a pass around the five-minute mark but even that mistake wouldn’t stop their drive which would end with Langley taking the lead 20-11 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter would see the Generals get off to a good start with a nice free throw. But the Saxons would break the three-pointer out of their arsenal to expand their lead. 

Washington-Liberty would tighten up their defense and held off Langley for a good four minutes until the Saxon broke through at the 1:21 mark. The Generals would bookend the quarter with another free throw but would end the quarter trailing the Saxons 33-15.

The third quarter saw back and forth action as each team answered each other shot for shot. It looked as though the Generals would kick things into another gear but as hard fought as the quarter was, they ended the quarter still trailing Langley 43-22.

The final quarter saw the Saxons turn up the heat and deny the Generals opportunities at the hoop. But by drawing fouls Washington-Liberty managed to get around the blockade with several completed free throws. 

While it looked as though the Generals could muster a comeback the Saxon replied with a flurry of free throws of their own. The Saxon’s final free throw of the game would round out the final score of 60-34 giving Langley a well fought but dominating win over Washington-Liberty.

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