Three Sheets to the Wind

Three Sheets to the Wind band "can't wait to see all the sheethearts in Herndon!" on June 1. Band members: Danny Marnier (drums), Walter Ego (keys), Captain Max Power (vocals / guitar), Goldman Sax (sax), Sonny Pockett (bass),Topper Dandy (heartthrob / guitar). Also from the crew: AC Fader (sound); Wes Costan (lights)

The first of June is perfect for some smooth outdoor music. Don’t you think so?

Topper Dandy, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and leader of the band Three Sheets to the Wind introduces himself on the band’s website as someone who “prefers short walks on the beach. When he's not rocking you softly, he likes karate chopping, fondue-style cooking, and also karate kicking. Topper's fans list his ready smile and manly beard as two of his best features.” He will stop by at the 39th Annual Herndon Festival with his band this Saturday.

Fairfax County Times had this Q&A with Topper Dandy:

How did the members of the band meet and decide to start the band? Did you want it to be an all-male band?

DANDY: For us, it all started with the music, followed very shortly by the desire to meet some nice ladies in short shorts. But mostly, it was about the music. Now, as I write this, I just realized that I may have worded that first sentence in a confusing way. To clarify, I meant that we had a desire to meet nice ladies while we ourselves were wearing short shorts; when hot, there's nothing better… We didn't plan on the band being all-male, but that's what you get when you want to have your band planning meetings at the Turkish spa.

“Three Sheets to the Wind”…is there a story behind the name of the band?

DANDY: It's a sailing term that has come down to current usage to mean "intoxicated." So, we basically named the band after our fans.

Is "Yacht Rock" all about smooth music?

DANDY: Smooth music is a responsibility. It's a duty. It's taking a stand against music that purports to be smooth, but is actually just mellow. Mellow music is apathetic music, but smooth music has a pulse and a winning mentality that says, "I'm here to win, but I'm not here to try too hard to impress you. I can be vulnerable, and admit to being a fool who follows his heart, but if you break my heart, I'll be alright." Yacht Rock is about the smooth, but it's also specifically about smooth music from a particular era in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

You were inspired by the 2005-2006 online video series "Yacht Rock." Can you help us visualize why the series was so inspiring?

DANDY: We loved how those guys took music that we already loved, gave it form, described it, categorized it, lampooned it, celebrated it, and didn't take themselves too seriously while doing it. That's how we think of ourselves too. Lampooners and celebrators of the best music ever made.

You are asked to perform at weddings a lot. Can you share an interesting story from one of these weddings? Also, any special memories at Herndon Festival?

DANDY: We were booked to play Herndon Festival last year. The night before, we played a wedding in a field on a beautiful farm in Doswell for the nicest family ever. We had one van with the gear and another van with people. We got the gear from the gear van into the tent. The people van got to its parking place. But then, while we were playing, the bottom fell out. It rained so much that by the time we were done and loaded into the vans, BOTH vans got stuck in two different places in the field. Then the father of the bride tried to tow us out with two different tractors--awesome guy. By the time the second tow truck got there to pull the first tow truck out that also had gotten stuck, it was daylight, and I hadn't slept a wink. We managed to make it up to Herndon in time to load in, but found out that the event was cancelled due to rain. The organizers and crew could not have been nicer, and we've specifically planned to have the night off before coming to Herndon. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice...

Can't wait to see all the sheethearts in Herndon!

The 39th Annual Herndon Festival will be held through June 2 in a new location: the Northwest Federal Credit Union, 200 Spring Street. The Herndon Festival features local and nationally-known entertainment on two stages, a carnival, children’s hands-on art area, arts & crafts show, business expo, 10K/5K races and fitness expo on Sunday at the Herndon Community Center, complimentary shuttle bus service, and an assortment of food vendors.

Festival goers can learn about all the Festival highlights and insider tips to having a great time at

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