On Jan. 3, Lake Braddock’s Basketball team notched their 8th win with an 81-71 score over Hayfield at home.

The Bruins came into the game with a 7-4 record against a Hayfield team that only had 3 wins before the matchup. However, the Hawks gave the Bruins more than they bargained for, it seemed like the Bruins couldn’t pull away. Every time Lake Braddock would build a double-digit lead, Hayfield would find a way to cut the score down to single digits.

Despite the at times inconsistent play by the Bruins, they still managed to go into halftime with a 10pt lead, (45-35). The Bruins were 6-12 when it came to three pointers, it was those 3 pointers and free throws that helped keep Hayfield at bay. The Hawks also cost themselves the game by committing over 10 fouls in the first half alone. This led to LB attempting 15 free throw shots, with 13 of those shots going in.

The foul trouble for both teams would continue in the second half, fortunately, LB’s shooting got more consistent. Despite struggling to make free throws, the Bruins were more consistent with their 3 pointers and Field Goal shots. Head Coach Brian Metress noted that his team was quick to find their strengths in each half. “We shot the ball well in the first half and in the second half we knew we needed to try closer shots to score,” he explained.

Things are only going to get harder for the Bruins going down the stretch, there will be some stiff competition from other teams. Lake Braddock’s lineup mainly consists of underclassmen, so the challenges will be more difficult. “We’re in the Patriot District,” Metress said, “You got South County and Woodson who are really tough to beat.” The starting lineup Friday had 1 Freshman and 3 Sophomores, but this 8-4 record does show a lot of promise for LB.

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