After beating South Lakes 103-83 last Friday, Lake Braddock continued its hot streak by defeating South County 78-71 Monday night. The win was another notch in the Bruins 8-game winning streak that started with a home win against West Springfield last month. Lake Braddock’s 7-point victory now has them facing off against Landstown in Richmond for the State Championship.

The Bruins struggled to keep the Stallions at bay throughout Monday night’s matchup, South County even led 43-41 late in the 3rd. But Senior Colby Smith drained a 3-pointer for Lake Braddock and the Bruins never looked back. The Bruins didn’t start officially pulling away from SoCo until late in the 4th quarter which ends the 5-game win streak that the Stallions had over LB coming into the game.

Against South Lakes, Lake Braddock came out firing on all cylinders, racing out to a 24-11 lead in the first quarter before South Lakes outscored them 13-6 near the end of the 1st. Things would only intensify throughout the next two quarters of play. In the second quarter, it seemed that neither team could go 2 seconds without fouling each other. The crowd was getting restless as the fouls piled up, both teams combined for 20 team fouls by halftime. The Bruins also struggled with their 3-point shots often enough for South Lakes to crawl back into the game. Lake Braddock would enter the half with an 8-point lead 56-48.

When asked about the chaos in both games, Lake Braddock’s Head Coach Brian Metress said his team, “Was used to the chaos from the way we practice every day.” As the Bruins prepare to fight for a State title, one thing is for certain, the Bruins won’t be taking their feet off the gas anytime soon.

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