Reunification Hero

Kelly Traver

Kelley Traver with Department of Family Services Foster Care and Adoption was recently honored by the American Bar Association as a Reunification Hero.

Each year, the ABA selects professionals, foster parents, and youth reunification heroes who are passionate about helping families stay together. Kelley has dedicated 30 years of her career to the children and families of Fairfax County, all in Foster Care and Adoption.

Traver is a part of the Foster Care Case Carrying Unit for the Central Region of Fairfax. The work of this Fairfax Foster Care Unit is about helping to find permanent homes for children in care through reunification or adoption by relatives or fictive kin, as well as providing support to children and families in crisis and older youth who are on the verge of aging out of care. Supervisor Melody Vielbig nominated Traver in recognition of the work she does as a champion for children and their families.

Kelley wholeheartedly believes that every child should have a relationship with their parents, and that while children may need to spend time in foster care, they don’t have to grow up in foster care. She works to help foster parents and birth parents to successfully bridge the gap to increase the likelihood of reunifications.

Traver attributes Fairfax County’s success in family reunification to the cohesive teamwork of the units and programs within the Fairfax County Department of Family Services. 

“I could not have been selected without the support of so many people," she said. "I am honored to work with such great people and for Fairfax County DFS.”

To learn more about Traver’s values, skills and career path with Fairfax County check out this article*.

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