Dear Editor,

Thanks to Jeff McKay, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and his cohorts in neighboring counties, we’ll remain under COVID-19 lockdown another two weeks.  Why?  Well, they say they need more time to meet the “metrics.”

Politicians love to use the words “science, data and metrics.” But if you read the letter that the Northern Virginia Supervisors sent to Gov. Northam pleading for more time in lockdown, you’ll see that it’s woefully short on science, data and metrics.  In fact, of the six metrics cited, the Northern Virginia Health Directors (who provided the information) were “unable to assess” half of them!  In truth, it’s a shoddy piece of work.

It’s not COVID-19 that’s crashing our local economies. It’s the unsubstantiated policies of our politicians.  The vast majority of COVID-19 illness is attributable to our older population living in long-term care facilities, people who have underlying health conditions, and employees of poultry processing plants who work and live in crowded conditions.  These are the hot spots.  Not our neighborhood streets and small business establishments that are being strangled by public policy decisions.

Chairman McKay is keeping our families, businesses and livelihoods in lockdown.  The data don’t support his decision.  

C. W Trauernicht


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