Meows! It Christmas Eve, throughout the land, it’s quiet, as humans have finished their shopping and wrapping and decorating for the festivities at hand. Dinner has been eaten, mini-humans are in bed, cookies and milk have been set out for Santa Claus, who arrives if they have been good, uh oh, my human Dad’s going to miss out! 

I hear bells in the distance, as churches ring carols throughout the land, greetings of Christmas Eve and the coming of Christmas. As my humans leave to go to the Christmas Eve Service at church, Noah and I have much to do, so we wait quietly and patiently in our places. Our neighboring dogs and cats wait too, in anticipation of coming festivities. 

The coast is clear, so we begin our scurry. We haven’t had time to buy our humans any Christmas presents; where can you find coal for Dad locally, I wonder?! Noah and I grab the car keys and head down the way, he steers, and I push the pedals since I can’t see over the dashboard! We have to find their gifts tonight. Mom’s is easy to find, Noah will find a spot to dig for coal if we can’t find any at the stores. We hustle, we bustle, we drive throughout the land, yes, humans staring at the commotions at hand. 

Meowingly, we head home to wrap our treasures. We want to surprise them with gifts wrapped. When we arrive, we find our neighborhood animal friends scurrying about too. They are decorating their yards, they are readying for a pawty to be had! We rush to finish ours, bright, cheery, colorful paper with large bows on gifts will get their attention. 

We join our friends for some catnip, dog bones, games, and dance our time away. It is the evening we have all waited to arrive. We leave our humans, and we gather together to celebrate the season and yet another year, we have kept our humans safe and sound. Without us, they would miss so much. We love our celebrations as it goes the night through when it’s time to once again be in our homes and love our humans. But soon, we will head home, so our humans will not know we snuck out to pawty without them. 

Paws, forthwith we hear a peaceful hush flowing across the land, so quiet you can hear a snowflake falling to the ground. It’s eerie, alerts your senses, yet beautiful. It’s very late, when all of a sudden, a huge bright light illuminates the house. Never have we seen such light at night! The moon shines bright, but this is much brighter. Frightened, I run toward my place of hiding from unexplainable events like, say, Dad’s noises. Meows, almost instantly, I become calm! I am no longer afraid, I do not want to run and hide from this unknown; this is unlike anything I have ever experienced. What is the bright light? 

Meows, Noah and I stealthy head to the windows to peak out to learn what is making this bright light! It gets brighter and brighter almost seems like daylight or daybreak is coming soon. We find it’s a star, one in the east, which is beaming a beautiful light towards where our humans went to church. Meows. We are fascinated by it, keeping our eyes open and looking.  

As we watch, we see them. Our humans are coming. We run to our usual places, turning off the lights, and waiting for our humans to come inside. Will they notice their gifts and lights? We listen as they talk.

“Wasn’t that a beautiful setting of the Nativity, dear?” “Yes, it was. I found it fascinating that the star illuminated so brightly tonight like the Birth of Jesus was happening right there.” “Yes, I noticed it too. Maybe a reminder about the true meaning of Christmas?” 

“Dear, take a look at our Christmas tree. It seems more decorated. And there are a few more gifts too.” “Yeah, I see it! WOW!! More lights too! How did that happen? Probably a bag of coal for me from Noah and Samson.” 

Abruptly, there arose such a clatter on the rooftop. Noah, our humans, and I rush to bed so Santa won’t catch us watching! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at fromthedogspaw.com by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer, www.allenpearsonphotography.com, www.allenpearsonphotographyjournal.com, www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonPhotography, www.instagram.com/allen_pearson_photography, www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw, www.facebook.com/fromthedogspaw.

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