Dear Editor,

Birthdays are funny events. Celebrating one more year of life that we have passed, excitement of another year upon us. No matter how one likes to celebrate, one thing is for sure, people deserve to live and see their birthdays. Sadly, this has not turned out to be true in the case of Breonna Taylor. She would have had the chance to celebrate her 27th birthday on June 5th, had she not been shot by the police on March 13, 2020. 

The protests that have been induced since the death of George Floyd have started difficult conversations and highlighted the systemic oppression against African American community. Despite this, we still need to keep echoing the name of Breonna Taylor so that she may also get a fair chance at justice as well. On June 11, Louisville council unanimously banned no-knock warrants, known as “Breonna’s Law.” The law is a start, a rugged path leading towards the road of justice. However, it is up to us to see that Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and countless other people get the justice they very well deserve, as well as ensure that countless other names are not added to the list. 

In order to live a just life, it is narrated in the Holy Quran that, “Among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your tongues and colors.” (30:23). This diversity should be accepted, while making sure that supreme justice is achieved, and kindness prevails all.

Mnahil Khan

Bristow, VA

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