This letter is in response to the letter from Barbara Glakas titled (We are not better off now.) in the October 2-4 issue of the Fairfax County Times. 

Dear Editor, 

There is not enough room to respond to every lie and distortion she has included in her letter, but let me pick out a few of her particularly egregious comments. Let me say first that President Trump has been putting America first on all fronts.  She says he created a self-inflicted trade war with China. The US had been ripped off by China in intellectual property theft for decades.  China trade tariffs hurt US businesses for years. The president has allowed US companies to trade fairly with China so that more products can be created here which results in more American jobs.

Withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, World Health agreement and the Iran nuclear deal with Iran were the right things to do. Why should we pay the majority of the bill for organizations if they do not support American interests? The Iran deal cost taxpayers 1.8 billion dollars of which a portion was given to terrorist organizations who have taken US lives. Iran has never honored a deal. What did the US receive from any of these organizations?

The letter writer says Trump has increased the national debt. Of course, he has just like any president would when a pandemic hit. Thank God the economy was booming before the pandemic hit or the debt would be higher. She says his willful inaction on COVID-19 pandemic has cost over 200,000 lives, record breaking unemployment and national fear. Let’s see. When the pandemic first hit the president halted air travel between China (where the virus originated) and the US. Joe Biden criticized this move.  He said Trump was Xenophobic. Just think how many more lives would have been lost if Joe Biden were president then.  The president mobilized public and private sectors to secure needed supplies and launched an effort to deliver a vaccine and therapeutics in record time.   

We should thank the president. What we can’t take would be 4 years of socialism, bowing down to foreign entities, and wasting Americans taxpayer’s money on deals that will not help America prosper.

Our nation would be much worse off if it was not for president Trump.

A grateful Trump supporter,

Ron Hess

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