Dear Editor, 

I just have one simple question.  What is going on in your minds?  What new health metrics?  According to the VDH website we’re still in the same percentage range we’ve been in since the summer.  Who is lying?  Fairfax County or the State?  This data has a pattern that rises and falls between 5% to 8% and it’s pretty consistent on a bi-monthly pattern.  You need to have more transparency in what metrics/data you are using because there seems to be a disconnect.  This desire to have zero risk is unattainable.  People applying for your classroom monitor positions know and are accepting the risk if and when they take the job.  Teachers who do not want to return due to the risk should be placed on leave or terminated.  At this rate we won’t even have in-person school till Jan 2022 at the earliest.  You’re killing our children’s future but don’t take my word for it.  Slide 12 shows the impacts outlined by the WHO (

 A recent NY Times article states, “So far, schools do not seem to be stoking community transmission of the coronavirus, according to data emerging from random testing in the United States and Britain. Elementary schools especially seem to seed remarkably few infections.” (  Again, if most people agree that schools should be opened and are not a community spreader then why are we standing still.  The county of Pittsylvania has been open since the school year has started.  There have been no reported cases or outbreaks due to schools being opened.  There are plenty of private schools open with little to no reported outbreaks.  What are you afraid of? 

 I find it ironic that on the “planning” day the combined teacher’s unions hold a press rally with teachers in attendance.  Guess they don’t need that day after all!  I am guessing that this is what you’re afraid of.  Let’s be honest, you must be afraid of the unions as they hold significant sway over how you vote and are elected.  That’s my feelings.  I don’t have any data to back this up but the data I have shared multiple times says students need to be in school.  You can do a simple search online and find this data.  Teacher’s unions are basing their needs on feelings and not facts.  The facts are (based on the data) that sending kids to school does not increase their risk of COVID.  They’re far more likely to get it by going to the store than going to school. 

 Please do not delay opening any further than you’ve already started.  Again, I am not advocating for all students to return, just mine. I will stand with any parent that has the desire to keep their kids home and advocate for them just as well but my kids need to go to school.  They need social and emotional development that occurs only in person.



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