Dear Editor, 

We must hold treasonous Republicans accountable for their sedition. 

Sen. Kaine, Sen. Warner and Rep. Wexton must refuse to seat them; then they must prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. 

Elected officials who violate their oath of office to create intentional damage to our Constitution, our rule of law, and our lives and livelihoods clearly forfeit the privilege of serving because they clearly do not serve the country or its citizens. 

Democrats playing nice have brought us to the brink of fascist authoritarian dictatorship. Bill Clinton let Reagan’s criminal regime off the hook, paving the way for w’s and his junta’s war crimes against Iraq and our own New Orleans. Obama letting those mass murderers off the hook gave us Trump, who is happily murdering his own people by the hundreds of thousands. 

It’s time for our elected officials to stand up for this country and its Constitution and rule of law. It’s time for Sen. Kaine, Sen. Warner and Rep. Wexton to honor their oath of office since Republicans won’t. 

And if they can’t or won’t, then they must resign now because we must have someone who has the will. Republicans must learn that sedition and treason have consequences now. No one is king. No one is above the law.

AJ O’Brien

Herndon, VA

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