On March 16 the Washington Redskins and the Sparta Science Organization hosted a local football Combine at the Redskins’ practice facility in Ashburn.

This event was held for the top 100 local high school players who were invited based on their success on their own respective football fields. Kids from all over the Commonwealth, (Including Fairfax County) were there to show their skills and prepare for their potential futures as professional athletes.

The resulting stats these young men earned at the combine will be posted to various colleges across the country. Several of these players are still Sophomores, so the this could be a huge boost to any player’s resume going down the line. There were also some college coaches at the event as well, adding to the reality that these high school prospects are truly the best of the best.

The combine featured many of the same drills and exercises that the NFL combine in Indianapolis does year after year. Such as the 40-yard Dash and the 5-10-5 shuttle run. The players are also being looked at by many of the Redskins coaches and trainers as they do their stuff.

After lunch, the real fun began with position-based drills and mini-scrimmages amongst the groups. As well as a few sports science tests to determine injury risks and to provide workouts specifically modified for each player.

Among the many talented prospects in the group were a few local students from Fairfax County; Sophomore QB Billy Edwards and Sophomore DT and Offensive Tackle Tristan Leigh from Lake Braddock High School.

Edwards is coming off a highly successful season, where the Bruins went 7-3 and lost in South County in the first round of the Playoffs. Edwards threw for 2456-yards and 29-Touchdowns last season, making it to All-Conference and All-Region for his performance. But you would never know it based on his humble demeanor.

“I think this combine is a great way to see where you can get better,” Edwards said, who wasn’t aware he was would be attending until the last minute. “(Head) Coach Dougherty only told me about this event three weeks ago,” Edwards explained.

Tristan Leigh of Robinson High School was also there. The 6-‘ 6’ giant says he was told about this event through his former teammate Tanner LaPlante. “LaPlante told me about this last year,” Leigh explained, adding that, “He went last year, so I took his advice to take the invite.” Unlike Edwards though, Leigh is also the center on the Varsity Basketball team at Robinson. However, Leigh knows where his future lies. “I want to pursue football, that’s the sport I want to focus on,” he said.

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