Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the June 21-23 article, "Northam calls special General Assembly session on guns." The Governor uses an Orwellian name, "gun safety", to refer to his proposed gun control measures. Let me share two points the Governor doesn't was the public to know: The evidence shows the vast majority of mass shootings are carried out in so called "gun-free" zones, and Gov. Northam's gun control measures would have had no effect on these perpetrators at all, and most importantly, probably not in the future......Killers don't obey gun laws. One measure which the Governor has not proposed, which may have positively affected each past incident as well as potential future incidents, would be to get rid of "gun-free" zones. "Gun-free" zones are dangerous because a perpetrator can be sure that no law-abiding citizen present with a concealed carry permit will be armed. Getting rid of "gun-free" zones would send a message to future potential perpetrators that they may very well face armed resistance from their intended victims who have concealed carry permits and are armed. In the Virginia Beach incident, city employees with concealed carry permits were not allowed to have the option to bring their firearm into work. A second thing the Governor and his fellow travelers don't want the public to know is that lower courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, has declared (June 2005) that the police have "no duty to protect" ordinary individual citizens. Most people will probably be surprised (or shocked) to know this. Overall, the police do a laudable job every day but they can't be everywhere, and in fact are usually several minutes away, when seconds count. Think well about these points before you consent to allow Government officials and society elites to strip away your personal liberty and God-given right to self-defense.

Chester Bulas


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