hen we’re sad, lonely, depressed, anxious or just down, we often seek out comfort foods to help us feel better. They provide a nostalgic experience that serves as a reminder of a positive experience, usually from our childhood. 

The bad thing is those foods are often high in fat, sugar and salt - the three things that “hook” us and drive our dopamine centers crazy, which creates cravings for more fat, sugar and salt! Take some time to go through this list and make some simple swaps the next time you have that craving. 

Here are some simple swaps you can make when you’re craving comfort food:

• white potatoes to sweet potatoes

• white/brown rice to wild rice or cauliflower rice

• regular cow’s milk to coconut or almond milk

• cornstarch to arrowroot powder

• all-purpose flour to all-purpose gluten-free flour or nut* flours *these sometimes don’t measure 1:1 and you may need to adjust your wet ingredients

• vegetable oil to olive oil, pasture-raised lard, avocado oil, palm oil

• heavy cream to full fat coconut milk

• white sugar to coconut palm sugar, raw honey, or real maple syrup

• soy sauce to tamari (gluten-free soy) or coconut aminos

• wine to stock

• table salt to sea salt

• milk chocolate to dark chocolate (70% cacao or more)

Making these simple swaps can upgrade the quality and healthful properties of your meal. Join me on Nov. 14 to learn how to make delicious comfort foods in my next online cooking class. 

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