“WOOFS! Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and Santa was good to you!”

“MEOWS! Paws, hard to believe another Christmas passed, and we are celebrating a New Year! The last year went pretty fast, didn’t it, Noah?”

“Barks! Yes, and it was a different year too. I liked 2020 because my humans were around more, so we spent more time together! We went on long walks more often, got my belly rubbed a lot, and played fetch more too. Woofs!” 

“MEOWS! Well, I enjoyed it too...that is until Dad had to break out into song and scare me half-to-death! I just don’t know about him! To think, his father had a beautiful tenor voice. Him? His singing scares the birds, and neighboring dogs start barking! HISS! What is up with that? Other than those moments, it was good to have them home. Especially mom! She and I got to cuddle quite a bit!

I hear humans talking about the New Year and making resolutions. I guess it’s their attempt to try and achieve pawfection, right? I’m pawsitive that I am already there. You know cats! We are pawfect from the start and don’t have to worry about changing anything or resolutions to get ourselves there! Meow!” 

“Well, I know humans, woof, and they would do well to make many resolutions with their pets and achieve them. I have a few ideas to help humans be successful in 2021! Barks!

“Woofs, first and foremost, walk their pets daily. My human takes me on walks twice daily. One walk is our “work-walk,” which is a quick half-mile to make sure I do my “business” before he goes to work or appointments.  The second walk is my favorite, my “sniff-walk.” We go for a few miles for this walk, and I get to stop and sniff along the way. Dad loves this one as he finds spending time with me helps him to de-stress.” 

“Meows, speaking of stress, humans should spend more time daily petting their cats. Paws, determine a time when you can sit and just relax with your little purrster! Pawchase a few new toys, like wands or balls with catnip. At the end of the workday, or before you start your day, spend a few minutes pawlaying! Purrs that should really reduce your stress.”

“I heard my human talking about reading more. Woofs, I like that idea! He has a subscription to a few railroad history and dog magazines, which he wants to read more often. He wants me to curl up with him on the couch or the floor chewing on my favorite toy. I will pawbably snitch his dog magazines and read them so I can be the bestest-dog-I-can-be!” 

“Purrs, I know he gets cat magazines too. I am not sure why since he knows that I am the mostest-pawfect-cat-ever, so there is no need to worry about improving me or whatever! I may join in on that reading pawty that could be fun! I’ll snitch his cat magazines and learn where OTHER cats need improving! PURRS!”

“Eating healthier? WOOFS! This should be fun and pawlenty of laughs! Dad is a very picky eater, will not eat anything he cannot identify, has sauces, or remotely smells odd or different. He likes meat and potatoes, but that isn’t healthy every meal! If he starts a diet of eating healthier, it could be great for me too. Some meals, like a boiled chicken with certain vegetables, could be shared with your pets. Barkingly, don’t just do it though, research healthy meals thoroughly for your pets. A consultation with your pet’s Veterinarian is a must. In some cases, for medical reasons pawssibly, it could be harmful to feed a healthy human diet to your pets. BARKS! Certain foods, including some fruits and vegetables, are not healthy for them too.”

“Meows, oh, this is going to be a pawsomely fun year! Whenever Dad makes resolutions, even just a few, it’s fun watching him try. What I find so cool is he always takes care of Noah and me, and if he can spoil us even more, he’ll do it.”  

Get a dog or cat for Christmas? Next week, we paw and meow about your New Year’s Resolutions to them!

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,,,

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