On Monday evening, under the warm glow of a winter sunset, Herndon's newest fresh food restaurant opened its doors to an overflowing crowd of excited patrons. GreenFare, wholly plant-based in its menu, promotes a vegan diet and a streamlined, healthy lifestyle.

Gwyn Whittaker, CEO, founder and owner of GreenFare, celebrated the Grand Opening ribbon-cutting with the Town of Herndon Mayor, Lisa Merkel, and Fairfax County Supervisor, Chairman Sharon Bulova. Special guest, Dr. T. Colin Campbell nutritional researcher and author of “The China Study,” “Whole,” “The Low Carb Fraud,” and featured in the documentary “Forks Over Knives,” was present for a book signing and lecture at a dinner following the festivities.

His daughter, Leann Campbell, was on hand to sign her array of China Study Cookbooks, along with other local luminaries Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary, and Dr. Jim Loomis, Director of the Barnard Medical Center.

Whittaker worked with Campbell on a 10-day JumpStart program featured in the film “PlantPure Nation.” 45 people in Reston experienced life-changing effects.

“In 10 days people’s cholesterol dropped by 20 percent, they probably lost an average of 5 to 6 pounds. In that realm of decrease, it was enough for people to go off statens if they had been on heart disease medication. It was interesting to me. Okay, this is pretty dramatic,” Whittaker said in a past interview.

She decided to open a restaurant as a delivery platform for cooking classes, book signings, and the enablement of the 21-Day Kickstart Your Health program. The mission of the restaurant is to provide delicious, organic, whole-plant food along with programs and services to allow busy people to make a successful transition to a healthy lifestyle.

“Growing old does not necessarily mean pain, medication, and 911 on your speed dial,” Whittaker remarked. “Most societies with a whole plant diet live long and well without the epidemic of heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes that the U.S. is experiencing. The effects of a whole plant diet can not only prevent, but reverse many of these diseases.”

As Albert Einstein presciently observed years ago, “We are digging our graves with our teeth."

Whittaker believes the plant-based diet is the answer to the problem.

“This is the only diet that provides a path away from medication and the regeneration of health. It offers a future of healthy people, the regeneration of the environment, and is a move away from the abhorrent practices in animal production in factory farms."

GreenFare enables customers to utilize the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine 21-Day Kickstart program. It includes before and after blood testing, cooking classes, and most importantly, freshly prepared meals for lunch and dinner for 21 days. Through this program at GreenFare, Whittaker states that more than 55 people have experienced renewed energy and restored health. The next Kickstart program begins on March 14.

With Food for Life Instructor Pericles Silva, as Operations Manager, and Executive Chef Justin Matthews, previously of L’Auberge Chez Francois (and chef for Donald Trump), the team promotes healthful and delicious food with an emphasis on local and seasonal produce. GreenFare meals are prepared free of the additives, salt, sugar and oil that are inflammatory and cause chronic pain and high blood pressure.

Whittaker said, “When people try our food, even the carnivores say 'I could eat like this every night,' then we know we are on the right path: we sell a cookbook and offer classes on how to make these meals at home."

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