I hope you had pawfect holiday celebrations! I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with my humans and it was so great to spend time together.

But now back to work! I am looking forward to a barkingly pawsome 2016 and sharing more stories with you.

So let’s get to it, Great Danes are quite amazing dogs. They are gallant creatures! Though they are big, they aren’t clumsy and annoying; they can be fun and goofy making them a blast to have in your home.

My human had the pawportunity to go to an event with the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League at “UnLeashed” in Woodbridge.

He found the “Meet and Greet” to be an excellent and unique experience. He met Dayna, a human, who works to find medical care for the Great Danes, to educate other humans, and to help find foster care and forever homes.

My owner was also able to learn a lot about Great Danes. If you believe you want to adopt a Great Dane you should really take advantage of the meet and greet event.

He also saw their intelligence first paw! The intelligence of the dog allows them to figure things out while watching their humans causing some hilarious and interesting moments. While my human was visiting with a dog at the event, the dog went over to the treat counter, opened it and helped himself to a treat or two! Importantly, these dogs make great companions, but you do have to plan. Dog proof your home, much like you would to “child proof.”

The Northern Virginia, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League holds regular Meet and Greets at different locations around the area so you can be sure you and the dogs are a perfect match. Please visit their website at www.magdrl.org for more information.

They introduced me to a few friends needing “Forever Homes” and I want you to meet them, Abel and Stassi!

Abel is a somewhat quiet not at all rambunctious or party type dog! He likes to make funny noises when he yawns. He loves to love and rest on this wonderful invention he just discovered called a couch. A very smart dog, Abel will scratch at the door when he needs to go outside and can even push the screen door to go out.

Abel is housebroken and is learning to ‘sit’ really well! He has some learning and training to do but with a treat, he’ll learn just about whatever!

Meet Stassi! She is all Dane, just in a little package! Stassi has all the funny and wonderful Dane qualities, like a paw on your arm when you’re talking to her, the ability to find the most comfortable spot in a room and a love of humans. Stassi loves it when you talk to her and she will perk her ears and try to get in your lap! A very smart girl, she mastered ‘sit’ in a few minutes and is quickly understanding ‘down’ and ‘come.’ She is calm on the leash and in the house and is curious about everything that is going on (especially if it involves food!). Stassi isn’t destructive or a chewer and does not seem to bark much. She has been known to climb six foot fences but she hasn’t been interested in escaping since she discovered the couch, a human to love and yummy treats and food. Stassi is a beautiful girl, and just wants a forever person of her own!

Interested in meeting either of these two great Great Danes? More information on Abel and Stassi can be found by visiting www.magdrl.org.

About Me:

Noah is the pawthor of the blog, www.fromthedogspaw.com- a Bloggery of Dogs and Cats for pet parents. Follow Noah’s blog for more humor and facts about dogs and cats.

He is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, who is a dog photographer and writer, www.allenpearsonsphotos.com, www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonsPhotos.com, www.twitter.com/AllensPhotos, Now on www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw

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