I am writing in response to the article Global Poverty Threatens the United States, published in your newspaper on May 29th, 2020. 

In this article, Grayson Timoner writes to you expressing a concern for global poverty. Timoner explains that the United States should not focus solely on its own economy. Rather, the U.S. should address global poverty as a whole, strengthening the U.S. and bettering its citizens in the long run. I would like to reiterate this notion, as I completely support it. 

Developed countries across the globe have agreed to donate ~0.7% of their gross national income to underdeveloped countries in need, strengthening the global community. The U.S. donates ~0.18%. There is an implicit notion in the United States in which citizens (including policy makers, economical or otherwise) believe that we shouldn’t help people because it will only enable their disadvantages. This belief is one that Fairfax is not immune to. 

Growing up in Fairfax, my father would tell me not to give money to homeless people because they would probably just use it to buy drugs or alcohol. While this may be true, it is important that we find other ways to help our local community. In this case, providing the homeless with food and water, even shelter if we can. Through communication and expression of ideas, by means such as this newspaper, we are able to strengthen our locality which, in turn, will strengthen our national and global communities.

Peter Newman

Centreville, VA

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